Between history and Legend

Campo della Tana

Here we find a part of the Arsenale that was dedicated to the making of ropes. The raw material came from the Russian city of Tanai, hence the name.

Ponte dell’Arsenale o del Paradiso

The name probably derives from Dante Alighieri’s visit to the Arsenale. Next to it in fact we find the bridges if Heaven and Hell that remind of his opus the Divine Comedy.

Barbaria de le Tole

Here we once found the deposits for wooden structures (tole). Wood panels that were planed and sent to Barbaria….thats to say, the Arab world.

Calle de la cavallerizza

Here there was once a horse riding school founded in the seventeenth century named “Cavallerizza dei Nobili”.

Fondamenta dei Felzi

Here the black cabins that once adorned the gondolas so as to guarantee privacy were made.

Ponte del Paradiso vicino a San Lio

An homage to the virgin is to be found at the beginning of the alley.

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