Certosa camera B&B bed and breakfast Venezia Laguna 724 1


Il B&B Laguna 724 has 3 bedrooms, one of these is called Certosa. An incredibly comfortable and minimalist room with romantic details emboldened by the tricks of light between embossed iron and ceramic roses.
 The third bed simultaneously creates the ideal space for relaxing moments....

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Poveglia camera B&B bed and breakfast Venezia Laguna 724 1


A room characterized by space and brightness where the white color of the furniture contrasts with gray fabrics, linen floral printand oversized pillows. The tone-on-tone wall decorations have been handmade by an original artist...

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A very intimate room, characterized  by dove-gray tones, with floral printed cushions in dusty colors. The accessorizes are in contrast with each other: frames, vintage appliques and enchanting engravings...

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